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Older Cats

Many people find that a kitten is not suitable for their lifestyle or situation.  They may not want to go through all the stages of raising a small kitten before they can have a companion cat to come home to nor may they want a small, fast, fun loving clown of a kitten which may be dangerous underfoot, especially for elderly people.

We may from time to time have older Australian Mist cats looking for good loving homes.  These cats may not have been suitable for breeding or it may be that we no longer require their bloodlines for our breeding program but they would make the most amazing companion cat. Ages may range from under 1 year up to 5 years.  

With ex-breeding cats we could desex them and put them away from our breeding stock and give them our attention or naturally the better choice is to desex them and find them a loving home where they will get all the individual attention they desire.  We feel that the second choice is by far the best and a better repayment for the work they have done for us.

Obviously it can take a special home to take a ex-stud cat who may still be spraying but we have found people who want an outside cat or a farm cat for a rural property and will give our ex-studs a home.  It is often the case though that studs often stop spraying when desexed especially if we put them on a course of hormones which reduces or stops their need to spray.  These cats should always go to a home without other cats as territorial instincts may cause them to start spraying again.

On rare occasions we do have Mists that come back to us and need to be re-homed.  

If an older cat is for you and you would like to make a home for one of the cats listed below please contact us by e-mail. We usually ask that people pay to cover our vet fees for the costs of desexing, vaccinations & Microchipping with a lifetime subscription.   All our cats come desexed, vaccinationed, wormed and flead up to date and come with some of our holisitic dry food and kitty litter so there is nothing more to spend.  Depending on the age of the individual fur baby the normal cost for a teenager - adult is around $250 - $450.



Current Older Cats looking for a loving home

Hi my name is Glimmer - I have been my Mum's pride and joy in the Show Ring and I am a Grand Champion.    I am very easy going, I love to cuddle and snuggle and I get on really well with other kittens and cats and I just love people.  

Glimmer  is a lovely chocolate spotted with a very short silky low maintenance coat.   Unfortunately she had to have a ceasarian so I am not keeping her for our breeding program.  She has been gentically tested for all hereditary diseases and is all clear and she has been blood typed.   I would ideally love a show home for her but the most important thing is to get a good loving home for her. 

Glimmer is just under three years young (Mists are a very healthy cat and tend live into their late teens even early 20's).   She loves people of any age and is very tolerate of children.  She gets on well with other cats and dogs.  Australian Mists are known for their fantastic temperaments being very affectionate and loving, low maintenance (single short coat so not much shedding hair) and are happy to live their whole lives as a totally inside cat.   Australian Mists do not have the hunting/killing instincts of other cats and do not have the tendancy to use their claws.

Glimmer will not destroy the furniture as long as you give her a scratching post as she is highly intelligent and knows the difference. Mists are very adaptable and have common sense almost human intelligence and tend to blend into any situation they are put into.

To an exceptional home only and is suitable for showing.  Glimmer is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, flead and comes with holisitic dry food, kitty litter, pedigree papers and all certificates.


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