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 Hi Carol,

I have listened carefully to what you have advised, and read the first few chapters of your book, and can report that we are establishing our pecking order. At the moment, I am just on top, and hope to stay there! I have learned her game of fetch – she is like a dog in this. We had a good dinner with me eating chops. Lumin tried to get on the table twice, and was told ‘no’ firmly in a different tone of voice, and she accepted it. I didn’t give her the tails of the chops, although I have kept them in the fridge for later. My cups of tea are different, and she is still fascinated with drinking from them. This is not allowed, so I have compromised by putting my mug on my computer shelf between sips. We will work on this one. She is not overly interested in the dry food this morning, probably as I gave her a little bit of ripped up cooked chicken last night. I will keep her mainly on the dry food with nibbles for dinner until she settles in.

2 cat loving neighbours popped in for 10 minutes last night for socialization, lots of cuddles and purrs and that went well. They left before she had had enough of them - she is happy to give everyone love and cuddles. More neighbours will turn up today. Bed time was more of a challenge. I did not sleep well, but Lumin did, and has settled on a preferred spot at the end of my bed - I am surprised she settled in so fast. So far all is good. Lumin gauges my reaction to everything she does, and watches me when there is a strange sound. We had helicopters last night, and I ignored them and didn’t pay attention to Lumin whilst the noise was on. We had a cuddle a few minutes after. She has now worked out footsteps on the stairs, and loves that most of my surfaces are easy to get to. She has just discovered the sunny patch on the carpet, and will soon find the sunny spot on the window ledges, I have no doubt. There are birds in the trees just outside my balcony, so I have decided that, for her safety, the balcony is off limits until I can train her to a harness, or even permanently. She likes the top of my recliner rockers, and has coped with the rocking motion when she lands. Lots of photos, and I will send you a couple of the best ones.  Thank you Carol and Mark she has filled my heart with happiness.

Kind regards,9800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 – Lumin’s contribution – she loves my keyboard.- - G 



Hi Carol, 

I thought I would update you on Prada, she has settled in beautifully she is the best cat I have ever had and exactly what I was after I could have a thousand of her. She is so loving and just awesome and can be quite a little devil too when she sits in my shoulders and decides to arrack my pony tail lol

She is very much loved by all of us she is a great helper when folding clothes and making the bed. 

Her motor like purr is constant so she is very happy herself. She has a morning ritual of jumping up onto Ben's back when he goes to pick up his keys as if to say no don't go! lucky she is a typical Mist and doesn't use her claws!

I thought you might like some pics so Here are some pics of her. 




hi carol

that is great news carol i am really pleased well done !!! thats a great result for you it sounds like it went really well . how did your bengal go ? Cararra is still a delight ( terible twos at the moment climbing up curtains riding on the back on the dogs back etc but  when i say lights out at night time for bed she hops right under the covers in a flash she has done that since day one ! the orher thing the other day , she played fetched for about 20 mins withe this small floral rose she loves its like a little ball , and if i didnt pay attention she dropped it in my lap ! Carol i have never in my whole life had a cat like it ?


the other thing she loved this ipad game called go fish .... it is the funniest thing to watch if you type it in to  google  ipad games for cats it is a friskies one it is free it worth it . Carol i cant praise you as the breeder or the mists enough !! i dont think everything you said about her the breed is so true !! we just are so happy we purchased from you !!!


warm regards sally and rory ... very happy owners





Hi Carol

Quilla is a very contented indoor cat. She is by far the best cat I've ever known.

Here she is chasing geckos on the outside of the window. So brave :D Thank-you for breeding such lovely cats!


Sandy Matthews




Hey Carol,

Well we've had Cinder for a few days now but already it feels like she's been here forever. She's settled in so well. She was out of her cage within about 15 minutes exploring the room with her litter, food and water and sniffing us out. By the end of the night she'd explored downstairs and was already purring like a little motor whenever we picked her up. She slept on the bed with us the whole night, licking our fingers, toes and occasionally our faces. On Monday she ventured upstairs and has since gotten used to where everything is and who everyone is. She loves sitting on my dad's lap and going to sleep. 

She's eating and using her litter just fine. She's eating the mince, cheese and kitten milk we've put out and loves her biscuits. She threw up a little bit yesterday, but has since been fine with everything. She's done a couple of poos so far and all in all she's settled in absolutely wonderfully. She loves Captain Feathermouse (the mouse with the bell on the stick) and will happily play with anyone holding him. She also loves her balls and green mouse we got her that rattles. She sits on the bed in the mornings batting him around the place. She's not much of a biter but when she does we make sure she knows not too (she hardly nibbles any more). 

Here's some pictures of her from the past few days.


Thank you so much again,


Bryden and Amy.



Hi Carol,

11 days , I  only have memories of four!

Diego Hugh David Collas is going great.

Not one day has passed that I have not thought of contacting you but it has been just like having a new baby!!!!!

He is a sheer delight and has filled our days with happiness.

He has a favourite position he likes to sit in which is across the top of

Stephanie back rest on her wheel chair. Sitting on her tray going for a ride around the house is also a keen location.

Photos ! Well the batteries were flat so recharged them . Then ever since when I go to take pictures he thinks it’s play time.

All I've got is  blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred images.

Stephanie graduated Year 12 NSW [ different dates to QLD] last Friday .So the first week went flying past with the preparations for her formal and a new fur baby to entertain us along the way.

A few nights with sleep interruptions . But many cherished moments already .

First social outing was to my work, not a lot of work got done for the time he was there.

He had his second social outing last Saturday night ,to my dad’s birthday party. Was the complete centre of attention and was the purrfect little gentleman.

 My birthday today , Stephanie’s on Thursday and my son James’s 21st in three weeks so the little bit of spare time as been taken up organising some preparations for his small party on the 13th Oct.

 I have CC this email to Stephanie so hopefully she will have some news of her own to tell you about Diego.

 I have also sent the photos to her of the newest fur babies.Do you have any photos of Diego from birth?

 Tomorrow I will be at home most of the day so  hopefully we will get some pictures not blurred and will be able to send you one with our next email.


Warmest regards




Dear Carol and Mark,

HI.  I made it to my new home last night at about 8.30pm.  I was a very good girl all the way home and didn't cry or vomit once!  My new owners think I am a very confident girl because I stepped straight out of my carrier as soon as the door was opened - and ran around madly -  which I think was wise, just in case there was anything there that needed scaring!
I did cry a little bit when my new owners left me alone in the room for a bit to go and have a hot milo.  They didn't come running and so I decided to just take it easy and wait for their return which didn't take long.  They thought I might like a lovely bed on the floor with a hot water bottle and ticking clock, but I soon discovered that I liked it MUCH better up  on the bed snuggled in close to them.  In fact, I didn't give up on purring for most of the night - true story.  At one stage I even found my way under the quilt so that just my head was sticking out and I liked to sleep there a lot.
Sonya, Ben and Chloe-Rose haven't thought of a new name for me yet.  I bet they stick with Treasure in the end because I am quite a treasure!  I didn't want any dinner last night, but this morning I had some kitten milk and a little bit of mince.  I have an appointment at the vet's this afternoon to get weighed and stared at.  The vet nurse there is very excited to meet me because she really wanted an Australian Mist.  I think she'll want to do more than weigh me!
Sonya said she'll send you lots of photos soon.  Thanks so much for doing such a good job of caring for me and preparing me for my new home.
Love from Treasa (until I have a new name) xxx



Hi Carol and everyone at Aacarmar,

Just a short email to wish everyone a very 'meowy' Christmas and happy new year. I am pretty excited to be spending my first Christmas with my new family, can't wait for the pressies!

O, and also attached a few pickies to show what a pretty cat I've grown into!

Bye for now, love to all

Queena Lily  xxoo






Hi Carol,

Just wanted to zip you a line to say he has exceeded all of our expectations in every way. He is so confident and cuddly, just a beautiful nature i cant beleive it! there was no settling in period litterally he walked in the door and owned the place played ate drank went to the toilet. He is already a part of our family and we love him....

He is laying here as i type purring on the lounge in Sue's arms and pretty not fussed with the dogs at all they just came in the house this afternoon and have been living harmoniously at this stage!

We just want to thank you for this beautiful gift he is stunning....


Tarsha and Sue

p.s will send you pici's soon


"Hi Carol,

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Our little man was rather timid and demure when he arrived, although had flashes of kitten playfulness.

Seems he has now settled in because he is an absolute scream!! The Ziggy's day oscillates between sleeping, then full-on 100% play time!

He will find a toy and go nuts with it, run away, run back, then take stock of the situation.

Then there will be some exploring, some eating, maybe a trip to the litter box, then he's off again :) He's been such a pleasure and injection of fun into our house.

The girls are barely giving him a moment's rest (which means he sleeps most the night too!) and my wife and I are absolutely adoring his affectionate side - which usually comes out after dark..."usually", hahah he's only been here 3 days!

Just wanted to share with you some of the great enjoyment this little man has brought to our lives.

Emily was very worried, however, that Ziggy might be missing his mummy. How do you explain this to a 4 year old! She drew a picture for Ziggy to cheer him up though. Gotta love kids.

Take care Carol, more photos to come :)"

I am one year old today!
And I am very pretty!
(OK, I do have a jelly-belly wobbly tummy but I think I’m gorgeous). 

I can “catch” paintbrushes and socks in the garage, and bring them inside to show everyone how clever I am.
I love to play fetch with my toy, and get up to all sorts of mischief with my buddy Albie.

One day we even managed to get the fridge open by ourselves!
(Well, actually, it was just me, but I didn’t mind sharing the blame)
And what a score that was!  -  why can’t we get rump steak like that every day?

But we can usually find something tasty on the bench when they’re not looking, even if it’s just licking the barbecue plate.
Or stealing the grapes from the bowl – such fun chasing them around the floor!

Playing tag with Albie, chasing moths and flies, watching birds out the window, ….. such a busy life …. better have another nap …
Maybe there’s steak for my Birthday Tea ….




Hi Carol

just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new kitten.  We did actually end up calling her Shimma, as we thought it was such a lovely name.  She has been perfect - like you said, she totally knows her way around the house already, and is up for cuddles at any time.  She has played with the kids very obligingly, and has wormed her way into everyones hearts completely.  My dad is completely smitten, and although he has previously said that he won't be getting another cat, it's looking like Shimma might change that decision.  

Hope all is well at your end, thanks again,

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